• WhoisDataAPI
    One stop solution for whois queries
    Whois of Newly Registered domains
    Daily Downloads
    Removal of whoisproxy
    Country Specific data
    Registrar specific data
    600+ gTlds

WhoisDataAPI is hosted Webservice provider. We provide whois services for all major tld's, gtld's, newgtld's and cctld's. We provide output in json and xml format.


  • API Webservice
    We Provides consistent, well-structured data in whois XML & JSON. Keeps most updated, accurate whois data accessible to your application 24/7.
  • Whois Database Download
    Provides historic Whois Database download in both parsed and raw format as csv file.
  • Country Specific Data
    We provide country specific whois data.
  • Bulk Whois Lookup
    You can do bulk lookup of hundred's of domain in single go.
  • Reverse whois Search
    Enter a name and we will tell you, how many domain are registered in this name.
  • Newly Registered Domains
    List of Newly registered domains to us.